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From: $40.00 / week

The “Grande” Box  is more of a larger set “base” of items that you can then add on too.  It includes 1 Lettuce mix, 2 different rotating mixed greens, 1  rotating herb, and 1 mushroom, and 2 microgreens. It also comes with a little surprise, “something extra” that  we will fill your box with something different each week, sometimes from our farm, sometimes from other local farms and businesses.

$25 or more gets free delivery within the City of Bend. Deliveries in Bend are on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Pickup is on Wednesdays. Free delivery to Sisters is on Fridays (if you live in Sisters, please choose "local pickup" and request delivery in the order notes). We will also consider delivering to Redmond & Sunriver. Just sign up and we'll work it out.

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Signature Lettuce Mix

Our classic organic lettuce blend that put us on the map, sweet, crunchy and so good it doesn't even need dressing. 4+ ounces per compostable container.


Rotating Baby Greens

Each week you will get a different organic baby/mixed greens from our farm. This is great for people who like to change things up and don't want the same thing every week.


Different Rotating Baby Greens For Grande Box


Rotating Herb

Each week you will get a different organic herb. This is great for people who like to change things up and don't want the same thing every week.


Rotating Microgreens

Each week you will get a different organic microgreen green box. This is great for people who like to change things up and don't want the same thing every week.


Different Rotating Microgreens For Grande Box

Each week you will get a different organic microgreen green box.


Sweet Basil

.75 ounces of full aroma organic basil. Beautiful, green, and amazing.  Fresh local basil is hard to beat!


Crispy Iceberg

Organic baby leaf Iceberg is crispy and fresh and the perfect salad for just about any dish. 4+ ounces per compostable container. Read our blog to learn more about the nutritional value of this popular green.


Tender Baby Kale

Organic baby Kale that is tender and sweet and ready to eat! 4+ ounces per compostable container.


Yummy Stir Fry Mix

Get your taste buds grooving with this yummy mix of organic pak choi. 4+ ounces per compostable container. A delicious and beautiful mix of purple and green pak choi!


Baby Arugula

Organic baby arugula with just the right zesty kick to leave you wanting more. 4+ ounces per compostable container.


Organic Spinach

This is not a Volcano Veggies grown product. We will source as well as possible. Local spinach available during late spring & summer only.


Microgreens - Sweet Pea Shoots

1.75 ounces of organic sweet pea shoots are great for stir fries, salads, pastas, tacos, sauteed, chicken, etc


Microgreens - Spicy Mix

1.75 ounces of the perfect blend  of organic arugula and organic kohlrabi give this mix a tasty flavor with a kick of spice that makes this a crowd favorite.


Microgreens - Broccoli

Organic broccoli microgreens are an easy way to eat broccoli. Sprinkle them on eggs, pizza, tacos, anywhere where normal broccoli wouldn't go! Aslo the health benefits are amazing, just google "health benefits broccoli microgreens". Comes in 1.75 ounces.


Lemon Basil

A farm favorite. This organic basil smells and tastes like lemonade! Comes in .75 ounce container.



.75 oz of organic fresh cut cilantro.


Organic Mint


Rotating Mushrooms

Enjoy a different variety of mushrooms each week. Each container is +/- 4 oz, but quantity will vary depending on value of mushroom variety.


Mount Shasta Wild Foraged Beef

A different cut every time.  We purchased a whole cow.  You will get 1 pound of ground beef for two weeks and a premium cut on the third week. Mt Shasta raises their cows the way nature intended, in the wild on the southern Oregon border.


Local Stuff

Each week will feature one of our favorite local products from Central Oregon farms or food processors. The value each week will vary, but it will average over time to $10/week. We look forward to curating a tour of "local stuff" to your home each week!


Local Farm Fresh Eggs

Pasture raised eggs from Oregon family-run farms.


Spices, Salts, Rubs, Oils, Vinegars, Dressings

Experiment and have fun cooking! We'll curate various spices, salts, rubs, oils, vinegars and dressings to compliment your food order. Value will average $5/week, but maybe be higher or lower for individual orders.


New! Oregon Strawberries

1 pint of Oregon strawberries!  Will be substituted with California if Oregon berries are not available.


Organic Blueberries

1 container


Organic Bananas

1 bunch


Organic Apple


Organic Orange

Sold as one large orange or several small oranges. Variety and size will vary each week depending on what's available.


Good Chocolate


Small Batch Coffee

A new coffee from a small batch producer every order. Whole bean, small bag (apprx 1 lb).


Farm Fresh Cheese

Cheese from local farms such as Windy Acres Dairy. Variety will be different each week. Sometimes we will include raw cheese. Weight will depend on value of product.


Organic Sliced Cheddar

1/2 pound of cheese slices.


Organic 2% Milk

1/2 gallon of organic 2% milk.


Organic Whole Milk

1/2 gallon of organic whole milk.


Organic Coconut Milk

1 quart


Organic Chicken Bone Broth


Organic Butter

1 pound (4 sticks)


Organic Avocados


Organic Brussels Sprouts

1 pound each


Organic Carrot Bunch


Organic Celery Bunch


Organic Cucumbers


Organic Garlic


Organic Hummus

Individual serving size


Organic Pasta Sauce


Organic Various Pasta

Sold by the bag


Organic Peanut Butter


Organic Pepper


Organic Sweet Potatoes


Organic Potatoes

Sold as one large potato or several small potatoes.  Type and color will vary.


Organic Tomatoes

Variety will change according to what is available, but usually will be grape or cherry tomatoes.


Organic Onion


Organic Zucchini


Organic Sourdough Bake At Home Bread


Local Culture Sauerkraut

1 pint. Rotating selection of locally crafted sauerkraut.  If you have a preference for flavor, let us know in the order notes at checkout.


Izzy's Amazing Granola

6 oz of delicious, locally made, organic granola

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