Farmed Fish Facts

Isn’t Farmed Fish Bad?

There are three main concerns to farming fish:

  1. The fish are living in too high of densities which causes disease.
  2. Fish farming is often done in natural waterways where they can escape or mingle with native wild fish, often spreading disease.
  3. Farmed fish often are fed food that is made with fish meal (wild fish), soy, corn & GMOs.

Why Our Responsibly Raised Tilapia Are Better

  1. High Density Problem
    1. Tilapia naturally live in high densities.
    2. Tilapia in the wild love murky low quality water.
    3. Our water is pristine compared to what wild tilapia generally live in.
    4. Tilapia are naturally more disease resistant than other fish.
      1. The problem with trout and salmon is that they do not like to be close quarters. In farmed environments they often rub agaisnt each other causing infections that then need to be treated. Tilapia have a very high resistance to disease and crowding and do not have this happen.
    5. We are primarily a veggie farm. We run our stocking densities way lower than standard aquaculture practices.
  2. Natural Water Way Problem
    1. We use a method called recirculating aquaculture. We raise our fish in enclosed tanks inside a warehouse. If our fish escape, it means they are on the warehouse floor and have zero chance of harming any native fish.
  3. Fish Feed Problem
    1. Tilapia are omnivores, and can be fed a wide range of things to satisfy their diet. After all, the whole point of farming fish to begin with is to save the wild fish. But if we are just feeding farmed fish , wild fish, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of farming fish to begin with!
      1. Our Tilapia are fed healthy, organic food that is soy free, corn free, fish meal free, GMO free.

We have committed ourselves to only raising our fish in the best environment that is healthy and humane. Learn more about tilapia.

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