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Aquaponic Produce is a Healthier Alternative


Why is aquaponic produce a healthier alternative?

We are often asked, “Why would we want to buy aquaponic produce? And why would it be healthier than other store-bought organic produce?”


We put together our top 4 reasons.

1.  Our fertilizer is from cold blooded fish which do not carry the E. coli or Salmonella, unlike fertilizers derived from warm blooded animals, such as manure

2.  Fish have no growth hormones, no mercury, no antibiotics, No P.C.B.s. What are PCBS?

3.  Our plants have no antibiotics or pesticides.

4.   It has more nutrients than non-local produce because it is not shipped from other parts of the country and stored on trucks for extended periods of time. Produce loses its nutrients over time from harvest to consumption. The longer your produce sits after harvest, the less likely your produce has all the nutrients it once had. Check out this report from UC Davis.  

Our lettuce is grown locally and stays local. Our produce tastes great! We love it without salad dressing too. In fact, we all eat it straight from the box!

Our produce is harvested and delivered within the same day to your local grocery store. 

We think those are some pretty great reasons. We hope you give us a try and let us know what you think!  You can find us at Newport Market, Whole Foods, Safeway and Market of Choice. Love, The Volcano Veggie Team

6 Reasons Why Aquaponic Farming is Better for the Environment


We know why eating organically grown aquaponic produce is better for your body; but, we also know why farming produce this way is better for our environment.

Check out the Top 6 Reasons aquaponic farming is better for the environment:

1.  Water Conservation: Aquaponics uses 90% less water than traditional farming. Water and nutrients are recycled in a closed-loop fashion which conserves water.

2.  Aquaponics Protects Our Rivers & Lakes:  No harmful fertilizer run off into the water shed. In efforts to maintain nutrient rich soil, farms have to use a lot of fertilizers, those excess fertilizers eventually make it the rivers, where there are countless harmful side effects.

3.  Gas Conservation:  “Food Miles” are greatly reduced. Our produce only travels less than five miles from farm to consumer. Only serving the local community reduces harmful gas emissions.

4.  Energy Conservation: Even with grow lights, we use less energy than conventional commercial farming! All energy used in aquaponics is electrical, so alternate energy systems such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric can be used to power our farm.

5.  Land Conservation: Our system grows six times more per square foot than traditional farming.

6.  Resourceful: By growing in abandoned warehouses, we are using structures that already exist, saving money, energy and other valuable resources.

Check out our produce at Newport Market, Market of Choice, Whole Foods and Safeway! Let us know what you think!


The Volcano Veggies Team

10 Reasons We Love Aquaponic Farming and Our Greens

fish and lettuce


We love to geek out on grow systems, tanks, produce, and fish. Here are 10 reasons why we love aquaponic farming and produce. 

1.  Our proprietary system grows six times more per square foot than traditional farming. We make great use of our building and we hope to share our knowledge of indoor grow systems in other urban areas. 

2.  Aquaponics uses 90% less water than traditional farming. 

3.  With our system, we can grow our lettuce and basil any time of year, in any weather, anywhere on the planet. We are not hindered by climate or weather. That means you get fresh local greens year around. 

4.  Because aquaponics recycles the water in the system, we can grow our lettuce in droughts and areas with little water.

5.  We have less pests to deal with since we are growing indoors. 

6.  There’s no weeding! 100% of what we grow is intentional. 

7.  Due to the naturally fortified water from the fish, our produce grows twice as fast!

8.  Our aquaponics farm does NOT require farmland with fertile soil, or even land with soil; aquaponics can be done just as successfully on sand, gravel, or rocky surfaces, which could never be used as conventional farmland.

9. There is no need for pesticides or herbicides in our controlled environment. In fact, we cannot use any of it because it would kill our fish!

10. Providing you with healthy, organic, non GMO food is our mission.

We are pretty excited about what we do! We hope you give us a try and let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you. 

The Volcano Veggies Team

Ski Movie Night!

ski movie image

Come celebrate El Nino laying the smackdown for skiers and riders everywhere. We will be showing the hilarious ski movie, GNAR while offering Free Beer, free lettuce, and free stoke!

Admission is free. Come join the fun at Volcano Veggies, an organic indoor vertical farm and co-hosted by Free Range Equipment, makers of sport-specific backpacks for light and fast adventure in the mountains.

There will be free give-aways, free Venture Fermenters Kombucha, and lots of fun through out the evening. Hope to see you there!!

We won! Wells Fargo Nationwide Small Business Contest

Big news today… Volcano Veggies has been selected as a Grand Prize finalist for the Wells Fargo Works Small Business contest! This was a nationwide contest with over 4200 entries, so we feel honored and blessed to receive this award. Thank you to everyone who voted for our essay! The $26,000 prize will help us increase our growing capacity so that we aren’t always sold out at Newport Market. 🙂

More details here: Volcano Veggies Grand Finalist in Wells Fargo Small Business Contest

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