What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is aquaculture (raising fish) combined with hydroponics (growing produce without soil). Basically fish waste fertilizes the plants, and in turn the plants clean the water for the fish. Aquaponics is a completely closed bio-sphere where the fish and plants live in harmony, supporting each other.

Aquaponics was originally used in ancient cultures. The techniques are seeing a popular resurgence in response to the search for sustainable food production. Aquaponics uses very little water compared to traditional farming and requires no soil. This ensures that our plants are only getting precious nutrients without any contaminants.

Aquaponics also is amazing because it provides an opportunity to grow local, organic produce & fish YEAR-ROUND in Central Oregon! No outdoor farm or greenhouse environment has been able to produce dependable crops during Bend’s long, cold winter months.


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