Where to Buy

You can buy our veggies direct or at these fine grocery stores:

We Currently Sell Our Produce at:

    • Newport Market: Basil, Lettuce, Kale, Microgreens
    • Whole Foods: Basil,  Lettuce
    • Market of Choice: Basil, Lettuce, Microgreens
    • Food 4 Less: Lettuce, Microgreens, Basil
    • All Bend Oregon Safeways: Basil and Lettuce
    • Albertsons South: Basil and Lettuce
    • Market of Choice: Basil ,Lettuce, Microgreens
    • CE Lovejoys: Lettuce, Microgreens
    • Melvins Fir Street Market: Lettuce, Basil
    • Fred Meyers in Bend, Oregon: Lettuce
    • Fred Meyers in Redmond, Oregon: Lettuce
    • West Coast Provisions: Lettuce, Kale

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