The Volcano Veggies Story

Volcano Veggies is owned and operated by Shannon & Jimmy Sbarra. Shannon was born and raised in Bend, Oregon, back when the Old Mill was an actual mill.

Our story is one of a hardship becoming a blessing. In 2010, Jimmy’s mother, Pam, was diagnosed with cancer. During the early stages, Pam did a lot of research on the current treatments of cancer. She wasn’t very comfortable about having to do chemo and radiation therapy, which is essentially poisoning  your body in the hopes that the poison will kill the cancer before it kills you.

One thing that Pam discovered during her search for an alternate cure was that vegetables have been proven to help fight and prevent cancer. In particular, dark leafy greens contain an incredible density of cancer-fighting nutrients. So she started making “green shakes” in a Vitamix Blender. Pam committed to drinking raw veggies smoothies as much as possible and we supported her by also pledging to drink the green shakes every day.

The cancer was never detected again (praise the lord!) and we became convinced that vegetables are a key to health & longevity. Our love for vegetables collided with our love for gardening. Our passion for gardening led us to Aquaponics, which led us to creating Volcano Veggies.

We have the simple goal of providing our community with fresh, healthy, organic produce & fish that tastes delicious. The power of fresh organic food will help you become a healthier, better you! And you’ll rest easy knowing that your food is grown locally with love.


26 thoughts on “The Volcano Veggies Story

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