Farmed Fish Facts

Isn’t Farmed Fish Bad?

There are three main concerns to farming fish:

  1. The fish are living in too high of densities which causes disease
  2. The fish are swimming in their own waste which causes disease
  3. Farmed fish often are fed food that is made with fish meal (wild fish), soy, corn & GMOs.

Why Responsible Tilapia Farming Is Good

  1. Tilapia naturally live in high densities.
  2. Tilapia are naturally more disease resistant than other fish
  3. Tilapia are vegetarians, so the buildup of mercury is not a concern.
  4. The plants in our aquaponics system naturally purify the water, just like in nature
  5. Our Tilapia are fed healthy, organic food that is soy free, corn free, fish meal free, GMO free.

Trout and salmon do not share the characteristics of Tilapia- they are not meant to live in the high densities found in fish farming.

We make sure to not “over-stock” our tanks with too many fish. We give our fish plenty of room to swim and live an enjoyable life. We have committed ourselves to only raising our fish in the best environment that is healthy and humane. Learn more about tilapia.

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