6 Reasons Why Aquaponic Farming is Better for the Environment


We know why eating organically grown aquaponic produce is better for your body; but, we also know why farming produce this way is better for our environment.

Check out the Top 6 Reasons aquaponic farming is better for the environment:

1.  Water Conservation: Aquaponics uses 90% less water than traditional farming. Water and nutrients are recycled in a closed-loop fashion which conserves water.

2.  Aquaponics Protects Our Rivers & Lakes:  No harmful fertilizer run off into the water shed. In efforts to maintain nutrient rich soil, farms have to use a lot of fertilizers, those excess fertilizers eventually make it the rivers, where there are countless harmful side effects.

3.  Gas Conservation:  “Food Miles” are greatly reduced. Our produce only travels less than five miles from farm to consumer. Only serving the local community reduces harmful gas emissions.

4.  Energy Conservation: Even with grow lights, we use less energy than conventional commercial farming! All energy used in aquaponics is electrical, so alternate energy systems such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric can be used to power our farm.

5.  Land Conservation: Our system grows six times more per square foot than traditional farming.

6.  Resourceful: By growing in abandoned warehouses, we are using structures that already exist, saving money, energy and other valuable resources.

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The Volcano Veggies Team