Year-Round Supply

We grow organic vegetables and fish all year-round.


Located in downtown Bend, Volcano Veggies is as local as it gets. We are able to provide a consistent supply of organic greens and fish throughout the long cold winter months.

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What We Grow

  • Organic Mixed Salad Greens
  • Organic Basil
  • More items coming soon



How can an Indoor Farm be Sustainable?

Find out here

Local, Organic & Healthy!

Studies show that eating freshly harvested veggies & fish ensures that you are getting the most nutrients possible.


With Volcano Veggies, you can rest assured that your food is truly fresh, organic and local- no travel time, no cooler time, no shelf time… Volcano Veggies provides the best, most nutritious food in all of Central Oregon. And our veggies taste delicious!



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